The Oasis Boss is the Fastest Boss for Me by Far in PoE
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The Oasis Boss Is The Fastest Boss For Me By Far In PoE

The Oasis Boss is the Fastest Boss for Me by Far in PoE

These are the times where i would like to see gameplay from gggs devs. Not some promo stuff where they talk how cool the animations look but when they grind maps for a few hours. How they get annoyed themselves procing the fellshrine ruins prophecy spending 5 minutes looking for a handful of monsters, how they use zana harbinger mod for several maps without getting a single harbinger shard, when they finally get a chayula breach with one single splinter, when they proc red elder on a t14 and his guardians on t15 and so on. Just to see how they find all of those things fun and challenging. Now, Sale Cheap POE Currency, which is the best choice for poe orbs services on the market!

God yes, the master's experience rate needs to get doubled or tripled. Feels way too much like homework to get them to 6-7 without doing rotations (god shoot me, what a waste of time doing rotations). Especially how they cap the amount of xp a master can get at low rep levels when doing a mission on a high map level. Vorici is plain painful: literally the only time in the game where you need to DPS only a specific mob and not the rest, just the right about of DPS, or avoid killing. Cata's escort missions are plain AWFUL reminds me of CS1.6 and CSGO days escorting mentally challenged hostages who get stuck on walls, stop moving, or whatever. At the very least, Cata minions should have the same movement speed as the player.

  • Bosses that really need to be fixed or have their loot buffed.
  • Basilica boss
  • Sunken city boss
  • Desert springs boss
  • Dig map boss. Invisible and disappears, unavoidable tornadoes that take up 95% of the boss area with random adds throwing shit at you.
  • Overgrown Shrine boss
  • Eradicator. Fight this guy for 2 minutes -> Have approximately 5 seconds of actual dps uptime.
  • Belfry / Lava Lake bosses
  • Dark forest map
  • Colosseum
  • Terrace

I truly believe that GGG needs to do some analytics and record what players spend time on while playing the game and look at what players spend time on. They're too many tedious things. Oh, look the average player is spending 30% of their time managing inventory and stash tabs, 20% trading.


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