Have You Heard of our Lord and Saviour, Path of Exile Building?
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Have You Heard Of Our Lord And Saviour, Path Of Exile Building?

Have You Heard of our Lord and Saviour, Path of Exile Building?

It's already a little sad looking at the number of Zombie/Skeleton/Spectre specific uniques and passives compared to the lack of any for SRS, so seeing a new unique helm added got me a little excited. Reading the description, I wasn't really sure what to make of it. The reduction of the number would be good enough while leveling because you don't really start hitting the 20 cap that early anyways. The guaranteed Ignite was okay. The duration refresh... well, it's stupid. With the way the SRS All works, there's no point to refresh their duration to be honest. It was cool to see them swarm a small pack, move on to the second one and then the third one, with no duration increase at all. Now, U4gm.com Sale Cheap POE Currency, which is the best choice for poe orbs services on the market!

The problem was seeing them then just float there while another pack was just around the corner. Knowing that unless the next pack is in direct line of sight, or that I drag the packs over, I'd still be recasting them often enough. Not only that, but with even a little bit of duration increase, they be able to last longer enough to achieve the same effect without the helm.

I honestly wish that Mark of the Red Covenant was more the style of The Baron for Zombies. Good item to have while leveling, some extra effects that can actually be worth keeping to end-game. Because let's face it, unless I'm really missing something, this helm just isn't worth using as an end-game item compared to other uniques or rares. The Baron gives an extra Zombie every 300 Str and 2% leech to you at 1000 Str. Would be cool if this helm would have something similar to encourage stacking Int and keeping it. An AI change to SRS (even if just baked into the helm) would be nice to actually make the increased duration worth it.


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