Getting Back into Maplestory and Need Some Tips
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Getting Back Into Maplestory And Need Some Tips

Getting Back into Maplestory and Need Some Tips

So I first played Maple around the time that Xenon and DA came out, and coincidentally I found those two classes to be ones I quite enjoyed. I was rather discouraged though by the p2w aspect of the game and the fact that I had no idea how to strengthen my character, so after playing for a few weeks I gave up on the game. I have had renewed interest in the game recently, especially with reboot having no p2w. I am debating as to whether I should make a Demon Avenger or Xenon for my main though.

I liked Xenons mobility and I also really like Beam Dance simply because you can move while using it, but I also like how survivable Demon Avenger is and I know he is amazing at bossing. I did read that Xenon is hard to progress with due to needing all stat and considering that I'll be making a completely new account and playing on reboot it seems playing a hard to fund class is a bad idea. I am not sure as to how I go about increasing my damage as the game doesn't really explain this well. I know the top tier equips are the CRA ones but to get those you need a huge range which I am at a loss as to how to get there. Basically I'm a new player with a bit more knowledge than other new players because I played for a few weeks awhile ago, but still pretty lost as to how to progress.

As a demon avenger main, id highly recommend that as a starting point at the very least. its a very fun class, and very powerful. plus, once you're past 200 youll get past 100k hp. the only thing that can really get you are bosses and those afk monsters. not having to worry about mp is also a blessing. cra do you mean the fafnir set? they're released two sets since that outclass it. plus you can get it pretty easily in the auction house for less than 100m, if prices havent recently raised a ton. either a ton of people are really good at cra by now, or theres one guy whos reeeeeeeeeally dedicated to putting fafnir stuff on the market.

It's also not too hard to get absolab, the second best stuff, though it is much, much pricier, and a bit of a waiting game for the more popular classes. as for the top tier, arcane umbra... let's just say thats not becoming anything close to affordable any time soon, so dont sweat it until youre like. well into the 200s. (if someone has a full set of the stuff, either theyre WAY too dedicated to this game, or theyre a hacker. more likely a hacker.) you can still do fantastic damage with absolab though, and fafnir still holds up for a very good while past its level range, considering its a very close third.

I wouldnt say just relying on a set is the key to a great range, though. tower of oz gives a pretty good temp badge every week for those within 30th place on the rankings, and considering that (at least in bera) not a lot of people do it anymore, its very easy to get that badge. probably not the best one out there, but thats what ive gotten. also, pay attention to titles. events will sometimes give out temporary titles with amazing buffs. the tasks behind it are usually kind of dull, but it pays off...for like two weeks, but that can be a long time sometimes. that kind of reward usually pops up every few months or so.

Also just from personal experience, if nexon ever released another action pet, grab it. the one i managed to get gives a fantastic buff at full level. Mesos are used in transactions between players and either NPCs or other players. Mesos are obtainable in a variety of ways. Here we share the best ways to purchase MapleStory Mesos and some tips you can use to farm fast:


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