Why Do Players Think PoE Is The Best ARPG in 2017?
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Why Do Players Think PoE Is The Best ARPG In 2017?

Why Do Players Think PoE Is The Best ARPG in 2017?

The Action Role Playing Game (“ARPG”) genre is very straightforward in many ways, especially when it comes to comparing certain games to others within the genre. You could even arrive at the conclusion that all ARPGs are actually too similar, excluding the variety of in-game locations and design quality. They often include many familiar traits, such as gaining XP and levelling up, collecting loot, increasing stakes, and progressively stronger enemies. Through our discussion in the forum, we are sharing with you why Path of Exile was the best ARPG of 2017.


1) I'm someone who loves to play Necromancer/Minion related builds in essentially every game I play. One of the things I think GD did very well was how minion stats are associated directly to your gear. You can get gear with minion resists/damage/crit dmg, unlike PoE where essentially everything minion related is either obtained through the tree or gems. This led to some interesting choices, I found multiple times having to make decisions about gear specifically because of this, which felt really refreshing coming from PoE, where you don't really make choices when it comes to minion stats.


Another thing that I really liked was how some bases have unique modifiers to skills, combined with other random stats. The cool thing is that the random stats scale with ilevel, so you're not stuck with an item with crappy stats that you have to use because the skill modifier is too good to pass. This makes rare items so much more interesting imo, and creates a item hunt for that perfect item with the perfect random stats that you want.


2) Well, Diablo 3 reworked some of the damage values of most class sets and streamers lost their shit as if the game had gotten an expansion. But technically it's still competition, even if on life-support. (I do hope they take a hard look at poe for d4 but at this point the gaming veterans realise that, seeing the dev culture and mentality of Blizzard, we're not getting anything like the first games in terms of direction (although quality will be there).


3) By the time they release Diablo 4 PoE will have like ~10 more expansions of content. Also I'm not even sure they can make anything good at this point. Blizzard can't make niche titles anymore. They will have to appeal to major audience and make money with loot boxes. Diablo 4 won't be any closer to D2, than D3 is.


4) PoE is pretty mainstream these days though, sure its no DOTA/CSGO/PUBG but it still holds a consistent top 20 on Steam/Twitch in off-season with peaks into the top 5 around a new league.


If Blizzard had the talent they could still make something that appeals to a broader audience without sacrificing too much depth. Although I don't think they have the talent to fully implement this, the situation isn't quite as dire as some people are making out, their other teams are nowhere close to as atrocious as the D3 team was in its finest hour (if it ever existed).


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