Why Lab Are Some of the Best in Path of Exile?
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Why Lab Are Some Of The Best In Path Of Exile?

Why Lab Are Some of the Best in Path of Exile?

Nothing much to add to the topic, I think the changes done to darkshrines have really made lab more enjoyable. For the last two years I never did anything else in lab than run straight to izaro, always taking the path of least resistance, but now, now it feels very worthwhile to just explore the lab and find the darkshrines etc.

I personally think Lab is some of the best content in Path of Exile. Here is why:

It rewards balanced defense and offense. You need to have DPS to do it reasonably quickly, but defenses not to get 1 shot which bricks the run. Leech is great for bosses, but regen is great for traps. I feel mapping in this game is all offense.

Secondary defenses matter. Izaro and Argus dont hit hard enough to make armour trivial if you want to do a brass dome type build. Evasion + blind on Izaro are great (also good for queen of the forest). In fact, having secondary defenses is often a great way to boost EHP here due to the fight design, while having only a huge soak pool and nothing else is actually kind of scary. Lab characters are the only ones where I ask myself if I should be getting Indomitable for Charge Day.

The Lab is one place pantheon matters. I usually carry about 50 people per league through lab. I always tell them to run Ralakesh+Arakali. It makes a world of difference.

The player is entirely in control of risk vs reward. Whether you want to be greedy about keys and risk dying is entirely on you. This is great game design.

The changing layouts keep it fresh. I know for most experience labbers, the tells in each room are obvious. But its still fun to go through it blindly. I usually do a run or two blind before looking at POE lab. In that sense, it is way more diverse and non repetitive than bossing.

The lore + voice acting is amazing. Nothing to be said here, just a bang up job.

The returns are great. Small, steady, consistent returns with the potential for a jackpot helmet enchant. Well structured rewards here. In Harb I hit +2 barrage on a Tempest early on, my labber went from hezmana and a shitty celestial justicar astral plate to brass dome and starforge :)

Is the lab as good as 5 sextant shaped vault? Well with map prices the way they are, probably not. But its a very interesting place to make brainless income. In addition, it takes about 90% less micromanagement than mapping with sextants (and trading for them), rolls, zana mods and what not.

Dunno man, I've never loathed lab like most people, just kinda considered it as a necessary evil, but since the latest changes it actually feels really damn great. And this was all with a char which by far wasnt optimized for the lab, quite much on the contrary.

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