The Path of Exile Guides on Sustaining Reds
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The Path Of Exile Guides On Sustaining Reds

The Path of Exile Guides on Sustaining Reds

I'm a new player and i've posted here before praising GGG for their amazing gameplay experience when I killed A10 kitava for the first time in hardcore mode. Well, I managed to get further, much further, into the game and I want to say that GGG has really done a great job. I do have some minor concerns here and there but I wasn't super unhappy at all during my gameplay. If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

This game is amazing! After beating A10 I started progressing through the maps. With the help of some friends of mine I was able to acquire every single map from T1 to T10. I finished all of them, loved every single moment of it. Some of the boss fights were super memorable! I even beat Atziri and Uber Izaro during this journey! I then started frantically trying to buy the maps from T11 to T16 as I wanted to try out the guardians and shaper. Sadly, my friends couldn't supply me with maps anymore, and the red maps are way too expensive so I couldn't complete my atlas.

Some big achievements though! I managed to run one of each map type from T1-T16. I ran the Lair of the Hydra map and killed the Hydra on hardcore. Sadly, this is where it ends. The red maps in the game are way too difficult to acquire. I could attempt to increase my IIQ/IIR in some shaped maps and farm T11 maps till I have a good amount of base red maps but it's just not worth it to me.

I will many times over praise GGG for how well developed this game is. However, there is one thing that bothers me. Once you hit red maps in the game, the game, while still steadily increasing in difficulty, no longer has a smooth progression to it. Progression in the game from red maps onwards is now dictated by the amount of time, or currency, you spend in the game and is no longer the same smooth progression curve you experience from lvl 1 all the way to T10 (and maybe T11) maps. I think this is a bad design. I think maybe increasing the difficulty of red maps but making them easier to acquire may be a better solution, then the roadblock is purely on player skill rather than amount of time played or amount of currency spent.


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